Bee Repellents: Do They Work?

No doubt, bees are beautiful creatures and they can enhance the beauty of your garden. But, when they keep buzzing around all over your home or yard. Then, they get a headache. And, on top of that if you have a kid living in your home, then bees are not safe. Their presence can cause severe allergic issues in your kid. Many homeowners try a lot of things for bee removal. But, still getting rid of bees is not an easy job. You can find bee repellent but do they really work? Well, to make things easier for you. We have brought some natural repellents which will help you to do a bee removal.

Natural Bees Repellents:-

Bees removal includes lots of ways and it is never-ending. But, we have short-listed some natural bee repellents which work very efficiently. Let’s see:

  1. Citronella: One of the best ways of doing bee removal is to use citronella. You might not know but the candles which you use for getting rid of mosquitoes can also help you doing bees removal. If you want to remove the bees permanently. Then, you just use citronella spray. Spray the spray all around your home, even in your yard. And, don’t worry citronella spray is totally safe, it will not cause any harm to bees.
  2. Avoid bright colors: Many people don’t know about it but bright colors attract bees a lot and it has been also proved in a survey. So, for bee removal, you should avoid keeping or wearing bright shirts or clothing. The bees actually seem bright colors as flowers and they keep buzzing around.
  3. Garlic powder: It has been proved in a survey that bees cannot tolerate the odor of garlic. It can even kill them, so keep it in mind. Being on the safer side, you can just sprinkle some amount of garlic powder in the surrounding of their hive. And, also in places where you don’t want them to invade. Using garlic powder will help you efficiently to do residential pest control services.
  4. Plant peppermint: The most safest and reliable method of bee removal is planting a peppermint plant. Like the odor of garlic, bees also cannot tolerate the odor of peppermint. And, they will buzz around you or your home. Peppermint has a very strong odor and it hits the senses of bees very badly. Because of this bees stay silent and are removed. You can plant peppermint or else you can use peppermint ointment. If you are using ointment, then, just spray the ointment after mixing it with water.
  5. Distilled vinegar: Distilled vinegar is also an option. As it is one of the best natural pest or bee repellents. It gives result-proven results, so you can rely on it.


In this article, we have concluded some of the bee’s repellents. That works very efficiently and you can use them for pest removal. If the infestation of bees is heavy, then, we recommend you to call professional bees removal to get rid of the bees.