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Finding pests in your home is the worst. And if you come across an ant, you can guarantee that there’s a colony of thousands. Ants are regular intruders in houses all across the world. Having ants in your home is quite unhygienic. Some ant species can bite humans. They can also cause structural damage. Ants can undoubtedly contaminate your food. They can pass on the pathogens they carry through your food.

If you are seeking a professional ant control service in North Lakes, Ant Control North Lakes team provides excellent and effective services to eliminate all ants from your place. Pest Control North Lakes exterminators are trained and certified to deal with ant infestations. If you have spotted ant activity at your home, do not hesitate to approach our ant controllers. Call us at 07 2000 4287 so that we can offer you professional ant control services.

ant control north lakes

Why should you seek help from a professional Ant Control Service Provider?

You must be familiar that ants are only a temporary problem that will disappear throughout the winter season. However, know that if they are not treated properly, they will recur. You may find a variety of ant control treatments, including sprays, gels, and baits. However, all these treatments are just temporary relief. Because those are not made to fight a specific ant breed. Thus, if you are determined to effectively get rid of those bothersome ants, you should seek professional support.

How do professional team of Ant Control North Lakes fight ant infestations?


We will come to your location to conduct a thorough inspection. This will help us to determine the status of ant infestation at your home. It will also help in determining the variety of ants present in your place. Then, we go deeper to locate pheromone trails and ant colonies to take specific measures.

Treatment Strategy

We will customize the ant treatment strategy based on the final inspection and eliminate their colonies. The strategy will include several treatment techniques based on the ants, as well as the time period to clear the colonies and total spread.

Extermination Process

Our Professional Ant Control North Lakes team will perform the ant extermination process in your place. Our treatments involve fumigation with organic bait that is harmless to humans but fatal to ants. The treatment will depend on the infestation and location. All our ant control agents have been tested to ensure that they meet industry guidelines.

After Care Tips

Ants can be bothersome, but you can keep them away with a few after-care tips. Clean up all of your dishes as soon as you finish your meal. Remove any leftovers from your pantry. Wipe out any food spill from your pantry platform. Store sugar and other foodstuffs in tightly sealed containers. This will prevent ants from invading your pantry in search of food. Seal all minor entry points around the doors, windows, and any exterior wall opening.

Consult our professionals for the best Ant Control Service in the North Lakes!

As our awareness of client demands improves, it becomes evident how we can best assist them. Thus, we deliver high-quality pest control services so they don’t have to worry about their house being invaded again! Our team is a renowned pest control professional.  So, wait no more and contact our ant control North Lakes professionals to totally manage the ant infestation in your home.

  • Certified Professionals: With our skilled & Certified professionals on board, we work diligently to provide 100% client satisfaction.
  • Updated Equipment: Our skilled staff is well-equipped with modern ant-repelling strategies and solutions. We use an all-therapy strategy that is both advanced and eco-friendly.
  • 24*7 Accessibility: We are accessible around the clock. That means you can contact us even on holidays and weekends. Not only that, but we also provide service the same day as your booking.
  • Efficient Service: Our professionals value your time. They are committed to providing efficient services to our clients. As a result, we deliver timely services.
  • Affordable Service: Our cost-efficient services can save you bucks. We do not charge any additional costs. As a result, you can take full benefits of our services without being heavy on your budget.

We offer a wide range of high-quality services in North Lakes

Pre-purchase Ant Inspection

It’s always smart to conduct a thorough inspection before you buy any property. Therefore, we also offer pre-purchase ant control services. So, if you are planning to invest in a property, contact our ant removal North Lakes professionals for a pre-purchase inspection.

Ant Inspection and Removal

Our company offers effective ant control and removal services. We begin by inspecting to determine the type of ants present and the severity of the infestation. Then we suggest a thorough treatment strategy based on the inspection.

Domestic ant control 

It’s a nuisance to have ants in your house. As a result, our efficient ant control North Lakes service can assist you in getting rid of them. We use organic treatments and solutions for ant removal. As a result, your home is completely safe for both children and pets.

Restaurant Ant Control

We understand the safety of food products in your pantry. As a result, we create different ant control methods for different areas of your restaurant. We have provided reasonable ant control service in North Lakes to hundreds of cafés and restaurants.

Emergency Ant Control Service

It is not an exaggeration to say that ant infestation is an annoyance to all homeowners. These ants can impact directly on your food, house, and inner peace.  They can even bite you and your family, damaging the essence of your house. You no longer have to deal with this. With our emergency ant control service, we’ll reach your place in no time and help you effectively remove ants from your place.

Same Day Ant Control Service

We offer same-day Ant control services in the North Lakes. That means you can get our service on the same day you do your booking. Our ant control professionals will devise a comprehensive plan to remove the ants from your place. So, get in contact with us and our professionals will get you a quote.